Benefits of EAS

Benefits of EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance)

·  Creates a high deterrent against theft of merchandise

·  Increases ability to openly merchandise products

·  Increases customer service, allows staff to concentrate on “Selling” and not on watching for shoplifting customers.

·  Enables theft to be detected at the store doorway, with positive identification of the shoplifter.

·  Can reduce stock losses up to 85%

·  Enables the store to openly display merchandise that would normally be locked away, or under glass.

·  Creates a better atmosphere of an honest and safe retail environment.

·  Discourages attempts at shoplifting, often thieves go elsewhere.

·  Improves the net returns to the store owners.

·  Equipment life gives many years of protection, thus giving an excellent return on investment, in many cases the payback period is only 6 months.

·  Gives the store staff “peace of mind” and that the stock is protected at all times.

Supplied with Compliments in the interest of profitable retailing Checkpoint Security Systems Ltd (2014)