Checkpoint Security – Stirling Sports’ game plan to beat the shoplifters

Stirling Sports Manukau store front access

Stirling Sports Manukau and Stirling Team operate a strong anti-theft strategy. The stores’ manager explains why they chose Checkpoint Security.

Checkpoint Security-Stirling Sports Manukau detection barriers

Checkpoint Security anti-shoplifting devices in situ at Stirling Sports Manukau exterior doors

Stirling Sports Manukau and its sister store Stirling Team are both located within Westfield Manukau City. It’s a very busy mall, with an estimated 8.3 million customer visits per year.*

Stirling Sports’ location is quite challenging; it’s a main thoroughfare into the shopping centre and therefore has a high level of foot traffic. They sell some extremely desirable products and, unfortunately, have suffered losses to thieves. The store already had an anti-shoplifting system, but it was less than ideal with regular false alarms due to its older technology and too-broad detection area. The technician who serviced this previous equipment recommended Checkpoint Security.

Checkpoint Security-Stirling Sports Manukau-Store Manager and team member

Stirling Sports Manukau’s manager Anton Wesselink and his 2IC Karla Cullen

Store manager Anton Wesselink comments, “I liked the look of the system, and I liked Greg and his team too. It was Steven who did the installation for us. He was careful to explain what the install would involve, and what we should expect. Then he was happy to work before store opening, so that he didn’t interfere with our working day.”

Some fine tuning was required post-installation, but Anton expected this. “Realistically, it will always need to be tweaked in situ to get the balance right. Steven was very responsive and came promptly when we asked him.”

Checkpoint Security quickly proved to be a valuable asset so that, when Anton’s boss said that Stirling Team was opening, Anton told him that they had to get it installed immediately.

Checkpoint Security-Stirling Team Manukau

Checkpoint Security installation at Stirling Team in Westfield Manukau City

The system is now an integral part of Stirling Sports Manukau’s and Stirling Team’s overall anti-theft strategy. The staff know to be friendly but vigilant, and high demand items are given several detection tags and sited well away from the exits. Stirling Sports has a bag search policy too, which is clearly displayed as customers enter and exit the store. As Anton remarks, “You have to make it harder for the thieves. You want the deterrent to be so strong that they don’t even bother coming into the store.”

Indeed, staff at Stirling Team confirm that they’ve seen people outside notice the Checkpoint Security devices, turn around and walk away.

Anton raises a final important point. “My staff deserve to have a safe work environment, and to not feel threatened. Checkpoint Security definitely helps towards this and gives them an extra level of confidence.”

Anton has recommended Checkpoint Security to other Stirling Sports franchises.

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