CCTV, Mirrors and Monitoring

CCTV for Your Security Needs.

1307_HD-IP_MSecurity Specialists provide system design and installation service for a range of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) options – from large CCTV matrix systems such as an IP NVR (network video recorder) system, through to small DVR based systems.

Panasonic, Samsung, Pelco, Ikegami, GSP and Honeywell.

New generation high resolution camera systems work equally well in sports stadiums, casinos or corner dairies. You don’t necessarily need to use swiveling cameras because the digital technology allows you to zoom in electronically, meaning you don’t need as many cameras to provide extensive coverage. CCTV systems can be connected to your broadband for viewing over the Internet from any computer or smartphone.

We also offer a range of recording options including DVRs (digital video recorders) and NVRs (network video recorders) which receive signals from a range of cameras across a network and record them at a single point.

We offer our service across New Zealand with region offices in Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin, Otago.

Better detail with digital.

With the ability to show more pixels per screen inch, you can see better detail, see what is happening and monitor your assets.

Small business security camera systems.

Security Specialists provide a special deal for small businesses. From as little as $3 per day you can have a high resolution digital camera system making it much easier to make identification. Having a camera and being able to actually identify someone are two different things.

The benefits of installing CCTV Cameras in your business, shopping mall or local store:

• Assisting in prevention of loss of property;

Some of the reasons why there exists a necessity for CCTV surveillance cameras are generally retail theft and even stock shrinkage. These cameras help reduce these types of cutbacks because the cameras function as deterrents. Nobody will dare take items inside simply because they know that there are cameras observing them. And in case they still do the criminal activity understanding that they are being monitored, it will just cause harm to them and set them in danger.

• Surveillance and monitoring;

If there is continuous monitoring and surveillance, departments and shops will be protected from any kind of break-ins even if it is right after the working hours.

• Prevent employee theft;

Workers are usually tempted to take away several items. Research has revealed that whenever there are no cameras installed, it is most likely to happen that an employee is going to steal the store’s merchandise in comparison to when there is a CCTV camera system set up.

• Help crime investigation;

The images and also video clips that are created by video CCTV cameras may be used against the criminals. These can help the police force in investigating the incident and will frequently result in the recognition of the culprit.

• Digital storage;

The videos that are made by the cameras may be stored digitally. Before, these are generally kept in cassettes that have less storage ability compared to today’s storage capacity that can reach terabytes.

• Monitor customer activity;

A CCTV camera may be used to keep an eye on exactly what clients are doing. At times, thieves pretend to purchase something when the truth is they’re not with no person able to view what is happening.